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Riverside Drive, Coral Springs
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+1 (213) 269 5015

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Frequently asked questions

A selection of questions that are most often addressed to us by our clients

Do I need complex servers or networks at headquarters?

Being stored in the cloud, you will only use the internet connection to access all your information. You will not need complex networks at your headquarters because everything is happening to us.

Do I have to manually input my company's data?

Not at all! A person in our staff will do this for you.

I have encountered a problem. What can I do?

You can read our documentation or contact us using the contact details above.

Is my data safe?

Our servers benefit from security at highest standards. Thus, the risk is eliminated and they are always safe.

Due to a human error, my data was compromised. What can I do?

We always keep the backup of your data. Thus, they can be recovered at any time from our archive.

Do I have to pay extra for future app updates?

Not at all! All the new features that will be implemented through updates will not require any other expenses on your part.